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Yum or Yeuch-Pizza Challenge

In this Episode of theShugrHeds…
…we take it in turns to select random toppings. Some are nice. Some, not so much!!!

Mmmm, pizza!

Who doesn’t like it? I think it is one of our favourites and I know Lottie would be happy if she was served pizza every mealtime! What springs to mind when you hear the words “pizza challenge” though? A food eating contest to see who can eat the most pizza? A contest to see who can make the biggest pizza, maybe?
Well it could be, but this particular challenge is making pizzas with various pot-luck toppings. Not too bad, you might think. Well, it wouldn’t be if all the toppings were nice and typical of what you might find on a pizza!


Challenges of all kinds seem to the in thing at the moment, everyone is doing them, and so we decided to join in the fun. We have a few now on our YouTube channel so feel free to have a look. The most memorable one for me is the Bean Boozle challenge. Poor Ben doesn’t have much luck in the challenges and the Pizza one was no different.

Here is what we did.

Each kid was given a tortilla wrap as the base of their pizza, covered in pasata and grated cheese. We chose a wrap as it is only small and we hate wasting food. So many challenges involve food and in so many cases, it is just thrown away. When you consider the dire straits of some countries and it’s starving people, how can we be so flippant about how we use food? So, with this in mind, we decided to do our challenge on a smaller scale.


Mike and I chose a variety of different toppings and labelled them 1 – 15:
Ketchup; Sweetcorn; Haribo gummy sweets; Chocolate sauce; Anchovies; Pepperoni; Sweet peppers; Crackers; Baked beans; Sliced gherkins (pickles); Smarties; Banana; Marmite; Olives; Cheese puff crisps;
A corresponding numbered piece of paper was folded and put in a pot.
Each kid took it in turns to choose a number from the pot and that was the topping they had to put on their pizza.
Strangely enough, Lottie was really hoping for Olives and George wanted anchovies!?!

That’s a spicy Meatball

The Pizzas were then cooked, as normal, and they had to eat a slice of their own abominable creation.
And abominable it was! You remember I said Ben was unlucky in the challenges, Here is what he ended up with on his pizza – Ketchup, Haribos, Sweet peppers, Baked beans and Cheese puffs. It really was not a good combination. Although he did say it didn’t taste too bad. He wouldn’t eat any more than 1 slice though. George’s pizza was vile! Really what you would not choose to have it as your regular pizza topping. Banana, sweetcorn, anchovies (yes, he got them), smarties and sliced gherkins! Need I say more?!

So bad…It’s good!

Lottie’s actually turned out OK, considering the combination she had. It sounds worse than it tasted. She had Olives, Marmite, Pepperoni, Crackers and Chocolate sauce. Sounds disgusting, but it actually worked in a strange kind of way and she ended up eating all of it for dinner! I think it is clear to say she won this challenge.
There will be more challenges coming up, so keep a look out if you enjoy watching them.

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