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YouTube Space London Open House

In this Episode of theShugrHeds…
…We go up to the YouTube Offices in London for an Open day. They show us around the whole building and take us to the studios where they have so many cool cameras and gadgets!!

Being a parent can be hard, VERY hard!

I can sense you nodding in agreement, or screaming “you have no idea!” at the computer. We all feel that ours is the worst situation ever experienced, until we speak to other parents who recount some horror story that they have been through. For us though, it IS the worst experience ever encountered, no one else has experienced exactly what we have, or felt what we have felt. There is a saying however – There is always someone out there worse off than you – and I have come to realise it is true.

Our eldest has caused us a lot of stress recently.

He’s throwing his weight around at home and getting into trouble at school. Now, he is not a bad boy, he isn’t rude to his teachers or aggressive to his peers; he is just silly and a bit lazy. He is a daydreamer and a class clown.
This week, however, he was almost excluded for a day for allegedly saying something derogatory about the head, to another child. He swears he never did or would say such things and I never thought for one second that he ever would. Luckily as there was no concrete evidence, there was nothing that the head could do so the ‘charges were dropped’, so to speak.

“That’s nothing, what are you complaining about?”

I hear you cry. Well, it is the first time we have experienced anything like it and it was stressful. Having only 1 sister myself, I am not used to how boys can be, but I am learning! I am learning how to pick my battles, how to ignore snide comments and tantrums. I am also learning that it is not because I am a bad parent that he is behaving the way he is. There is no manual for parenthood and we are all just on life’s journey, learning how to survive; and that is exactly what it feels like sometimes – surviving!

The Grapevine

I was telling other mums about it, and they all told me not to worry, it is really nothing to stress about. They then told me some horror story they had experienced and it made me realise that actually we are doing OK in the grand scheme of things.

Parents do the best they can with what they have

It is not until you become a parent that you truly understand or appreciate just how difficult it can be. You have some very tough decisions to make and there will always be others who are quick to judge you for that. Mike and I are very lucky, we have very similar morals and beliefs about parenting, but there are somethings that we differ in – so we learn to compromise.

Gamer Gurl

For instance, I am not a big fan of computer games, mainly because I am rubbish at them, but the boys love it. One of their favourite games to play is GTA 5. Ooh, there is that sharp intake of breath and tutting from some of you. I would be inclined to agree and wasn’t best pleased when Mike said he was letting them play it. I said “no way”! His argument is that it is a fantastic game, with great graphics, and other than the language and some of the missions, there is nothing really wrong. So this is our compromise: they are not allowed to do any missions and the volume has to be turned right down so you can’t hear the talking. They have a whale of a time (especially George) driving round and round in all sorts of vehicles, causing all sorts of carnage.

Judgment Day

I know some people, my own Mum included, would still frown upon this. It is not right to let 8 and 10 year olds play this game at all. I still cringe when the kids tell people that they play it, and am quick to tell them about our rules of game play. I still don’t like the use of weapons in the game, but we teach them right from wrong and they seem to accept it for what it is.

It is fun! Even I enjoyed myself when playing our 3 minute mayhem challenge. Crashing into things and trying to get the most stars for police after you. It does not mean to say we are violent people who think it is OK to do this sort of thing in real life. Nor does it mean our children will grow up to be psycho gang members, always in trouble with the police. But I guess only time will tell…

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