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In this Episode of theShugrHeds…
…Ben, George and Lottie play Who’s Most Likely to! Will anyone get upset? Will anyone storm off in a huff?! Better watch it and find out. Enjoy!

Back to school & summer holiday fun

Phew, we have survived the 6 weeks summer holiday! (I say ‘summer’ only as the given title of the break between school years, not because there was any hint of a summer to enjoy). I can’t actually believe that we are heading towards the half term already!

I always really look forward to the holidays and can’t wait for them to begin, but then within a couple of hours of having the kids home, I can’t wait for them go back to school again!
This is often because they just can’t seem to get along or enjoy each other’s company; 2’s company, 3’s a crowd!

?? Who's Most Likely with theShugrHeds ? ? #1

?? Who’s Most Likely with theShugrHeds ? ? #1

Me First. NO! Me!

Three very strong characters fighting for attention and control in everything they do! This year seemed to start particularly badly. None of them wanted to do a darn thing! “Come on, let’s go out and do…” was met with a very adamant “NO!”. So not only could they not bear to be near each other, they didn’t want to be entertained either. “Oh well this is just great!” I thought, “if the holidays continue like this, I am certainly not going to survive the 6 weeks!”.

Money doesn’t grow on trees!

The problem is that day trips, outings and clubs with 3 children costs such an arm and a leg, we, like most others I am sure, can’t afford to do too many of them.

We do consider ourselves to be very lucky in that we have some fantastic parks near us and woodlands to explore, and the kids are still at an age that they are happy to go (just), but it will not be long before that is not enough for them and they need more.

Then there’s the weather! Summer can be very hit and miss so we need to have some things on standby for the days when outside just is not an option.

?? Who's Most Likely with theShugrHeds ? ? #2

?? Who’s Most Likely with theShugrHeds ? ? #2

Time to remortgage the house!

So what do you do with the kids over the summer that doesn’t break the bank? There are quite a few things actually, if you do your research and know where to look. The internet is strewn with websites aimed at a variety of activities to do with kids, but I always prefer to talk to or eavesdrop in to conversations between mums in the playground to find out recommendations of what is good to go to in our local area.

?? Who's Most Likely with theShugrHeds ? ? #3

?? Who’s Most Likely with theShugrHeds ? ? #3

So, what did you do to fill up the holidays and entertain the kiddywinks? We’d love to hear your comments Below 🙂

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