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Wasbi Gummy Sushi Challenge

In this Episode of theShugrHeds…
…Ben and his friend Ronan play the Spicy Gummy Sushi Roulette Game. Will their gummies be spicy or sweet?

Wasbi Gummy Sushi Challenge

For his birthday, Ben’s best friend bought him the gummy sushi challenge. There seems to be a mutual love of spicy foods and some friendly competition between the two boys to see who has tried the spiciest, so it was only natural that the gift involved this kind of thing.
Ronan came round and they were keen to get the Wasabi Gummy Sushi challenge underway. Feeling excited, nervous and a little scared, the boys settled down to play the game. The box contains everything you need to take the challenge; 12 decent sized gummy sweets, all mimicking various sushi delights and either tasting of strawberry or wasabi; a spinner to point out the chosen morsel; and chopsticks, just to make it harder to take out and increasing the tension and suspense.

Milk needed here!

The only thing missing was some milk on standby, to help ease the pain of wasabi that might be lurking inside. We were only too happy to oblige and set 2 glasses of nice cool milk on the table.
The object of the challenge is to take turns to spin the wheel and wait for it to stop at one of the 12 gummy sweets nestled around it. Out of the 12, 8 are a yummy strawberry flavour and 4 are flavoured with hot and spicy wasabi! Rather them than me, that is all I can say!
It didn’t take the boys long to decide who would go first – Ben, naturally – and the wheel was spun!

Crunch time!

After a minute of fussing and nerves taking hold, bravery set in and Ben took a big bite. Silence descended as we all watched eagerly for his reaction. Phew, it was strawberry! Now it was Ronan’s turn. He spun the wheel and picked his treat, strawberry. Nervous giggles started bubbling from the boys as one by one they chose their sweet, each round narrowing the odds of getting a mega hot one.

Ben’s turn again – strawberry, now Ronan’s – strawberry. Wow, so far they have been lucky, surely one of them will pick a hot one soon… Getting increasingly anxious, it was back to Ben – strawberry, AGAIN. Oh well, Ronan HAS to get a spicy one this time, the odds are against him. No! Yet another strawberry one! We started thinking that maybe there weren’t any wasabi sweets at all, and we had got a duff box, so we checked again. No, it definitely says 8 nice, 4 hot wasabi!


They are now half way through and there are only 2 strawberry flavoured ones left and the 4 hot ones still to find. There was no question, the next one was bound to be spicy. “Go on Ben, go for it!”. Wait, what? ANOTHER strawberry one? What are the odds? Both boys have managed to find all 8 yummy sweets first, without a single spicy one! Unbelievable. However, no matter how shocked and impressed we were, this meant that all 4 remaining sweets from the Wasbi Gummy Sushi Challenge were hot and spicy (which kind of spoilt the surprise a bit).

In conclusion.

But just how spicy were they? Well, the look on the boys’ faces suggested they were pretty hot, and the milk was very well received.
All in all, this was a fun challenge and great to do amongst friends. What were the odds of finding all the good ones, one after the other, whilst using a spinner to randomly select them? I still can’t quite believe it!