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Tulleys Farm Shocktoberfest Horror Theme Park #1

In this Episode of theShugrHeds…
…We have living daylights scared out of us on a farm in Sussex!

I love horror films – it’s my favourite genre of movie. There have been so many brilliant examples over the years.
The Shining; Paranormal Activity; The Witch; Alien; The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

There’s even been an increase in awesome TV adaptations of film classics – The Exorcist; 12 Monkeys; Scream. Or shows in their own right. You have to check out the following :
Channel Zero; Castle Rock; American Horror Story and Scream Queens.

I’m not sure why I love them so much, maybe i’m addicted to the adrenalyn rush! I find they generally have a better storyline too. The big Hollywood blockbuster’s don’t appear to even try to be logical anymore!

Anyway, going through the Shocktoberfest Halloween Theme park was incredible. It’s like being the star in your own horror movie. You go though a walk path (through a house or a maze etc) and at various strategic points, you have a zombie, ghoul or witch approach you and go to attack. They don’t really of course, but they get very close. It certainly gets the blood punmping!

One of my favourites was the haycart ride. There were a gang of goons that got on to the haycart half way through. One had a working chainsaw and slammed it down on the seat next to me. I like to think they had removed the sharp chain…it vibrated on the seat like no-ones business!

Another “ride” ended up with a madman chasing you through to an abbatoir. Strobe lights and banging on the corrugated metal walls made for a terrifying experience. When you get out of the ride and into the high street, it is very atmospheric.

Again, plenty of actors in fancy dress: the terrifying twins, the maniac clowns, a jester and his wife that go around taunintg everyone. There’s a wonderful atmosphere at Shocktoberfest, you can feel that everyone is a horror fan! It’s like going to an appreciation fan-club!

Watch our videos of when we went and enjoyed the horrors of Tulleys Farm.