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theShugrHeds Visit ComicCon eXcel Sep 2016

In this Episode of theShugrHeds…
…we take a trip up to the ExCel centre in London to visit the ComicCon Exhibition. A wonderful day with our fellow nerds!

This post is in reference to the article by the independent entitled :
New international agreements should be introduced to regulate the internet in the light of the London Bridge terror attack, Theresa May has said.

ComicCon eXcel

Last September, I took my two Sons to the eXcel center to see the ComicCon exhibition. It was fantastic and we had a great day out. Part of our journey involved getting the train up to London Bridge and walking from the overground to the underground station.

We walked past the Shard building and saw the very expensive cars parked out front (please see the YouTube video). We had a wonderful day out and I think it will stay as a happy memory for us all for a very long time to come.
London Bridge is our station of Choice when we go up to London, so you can imagine how we felt when we heard about the recent acts of terrorism.

It sickens me to the core that this happened.

Selfishly, I think what if it was us who were in the wrong place at the wrong time? I can’t bear it.
Now, of course, we have to put up with Machiavellian politicians while they unscrupulously massage their agendas to fit this crisis.

The Prime Minister has announced that there need to be new international rules to regulate the internet. Do you see the connection there?
The idea is that these new rules will “deprive the extremists of their safe spaces online” because technology firms are not currently doing enough.

Don’t you see?

It’s the IT firms that are to blame. Not the governments. Not the security services…it’s Nigel in IT that’s to blame.
However, I can’t imagine it would be very difficult to create a code whilst meeting IRL. Then create updates referencing the codes online. Hiding in plain sight on any major social network. How are they going to stop that?

The Conservatives also believe it should be more difficult to access pornography. That well known stepping-stone to extremist violence….
What’s next? A complete ban on garden gnomes?

Something must be done…

…but I’m not so sure that hiding away nudey pics is top of the list. TBH, this sounds a lot like a power grab. It’s something they were going to impose on us anyway. As we know, politicians “Never let a good crisis go to waste”, it’s time to wheel it out.

Anyone over 18 can buy a knife from their local supermarket. Anyone over 17 can legally drive after passing the relevant tests. How can they legislate for the misuse of them? Something along the lines of the pre-crime division in the film “The minority report” perhaps? Oh wait a minute, no. It was a film.
The UK is one of the heaviest users of CCTV surveillance in the world. It still didn’t stop the attacks from happening. Is more surveillance really what we need?


Our security services were warned about the Manchester bomber by the FBI five months prior. His own family warned British authorities that he was dangerous. He regularly visited Libya, Syria, known jihadist mosques and a Libyan jihadi in a Liverpool jail.
I think a more pertinent response to the attacks is to ask why the security services ignored someone like this?

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