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theShugrHeds React #001

In this Episode of theShugrHeds…
…Lottie and George put up a brand new play tent. We get the impression Lottie quite likes it!

We hate bedtimes!

Like, really hate them!
We have our allocated nights of putting the kids to bed and we dread it. We dread the battle of getting them upstairs and ready for bed; the delay tactics and fighting. Then there’s getting them to stay in their beds. The list of excuses is endless: I need the toilet, I need to find my teddy, I need a drink, can I tell you something? Can I ask you something? So and so is annoying me.

It goes on and on!

We dread the constant talking and playing, the bickering and arguing. It has resulted in the kids being seperated at times; one in our bed or, if they are really bad, down on the kitchen floor! We have resigned ourselves to lying on the floor outside their room, just to keep them from constantly getting out of bed and talking. In fact, that is exactly where I am right now, writing this post! 10pm on a Saturday night, trying to get the little darlings off to sleep. Tonight we did a jigsaw puzzle, I read them a story and tucked them into bed.

That was nearly 2 hours ago

and they are still taking it in turns to find excuses for not sleeping. Unfortunately we only have a 2 bed house so we don’t have many options. We have tried having Lottie on the landing, but she gets disturbed by the noises downstairs so she is now back in with the boys. Luckily they are all of an age where sharing a room is not a concern, but this won’t last long.

Ben was a text book baby.

He went to bed at 7pm, settled quickly, but woke again at 8pm. A bit of soothing and he was off to sleep again, and throughout the night. Perfect! What a shock it was then when we had the twins! George seemed to quite like his sleep and wasn’t too bad at settling, but Lottie was a nightmare. She struggled to settle, didn’t sleep for long and was grumpy because of it. She is still difficult 8 years on, but now George is just as bad, if not worse! The only chance of getting Lottie off to sleep at any decent time is to wake her at 6am. But that doesn’t always guarantee her getting off to sleep before us!

Lottie is a girlie girl!

She loves pink and princesses. In the hopes of encouraging her to go to bed and want to sleep, we’ve bought her a princess castle play tent. The plan is to put her mattress in there and have it as her princess bed. The tent is cute! It is quite a simple design and really easy to put up and take down; much like a pop-up design but with added poles for stability. It is a round, marquee style tent with pretty pink netting all round, covered in tiny sparkles. These come in four sections and can be tied back with little ribbons, making it more like a canopy than a solid tent. Needless to say, she LOVES it! Now we just have to see if it helps with her sleeping…
Now what to do about the boys?

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