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In this Episode of theShugrHeds…
…we uploaded a slideshow of a photoshoot we had done back in 2013. Warning : It’s a bit of a cuteness overload with the kittens!!

Rachel won a groupon token for a photoshoot and we used it back in May 2013. This vlog shows the video presentation the photographer made up for us using the images from the shoot.

It is awesome to have a record of your kids as they grow up through the stages of life. At time of writing, my kids are 7,7 and 10gt-i9195zkabtu-491147-0 and even now it is fascinating to see how much they have grown up over 12 months. You don’t even notice them changing when you see them every day, but looking back at the photoshoot is quite amazing!

Cameras you can use for a photoshoot

I think that the availability of high quality cameras in our phones these days has a lot of advantages. I have a relatively old (2 years) Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and yet it still has an 8MP camera for both photo and video. Enabling me to capture both 1080p and 1080i resolution media. No-one wants to see media that looks like it was recorded using a potato anymore!

Also be warned that you may well experience a lot of wrath from the interwebs if you record something in portrait rather than landscape orientation. Redditors are particularly sensitive to this.

Like many people, I have my phone with me most of the time. This is where the technology becomes really valuable as you get so many opportunities to capture the unexpected. Say, for instance, you meet a celeb while you’re out and about. You see a squirrel with a particularly puffy tail. Your little one takes their first few steps. A meteor comes streaking down across the sky…you get the idea

Take interesting shots as they happen


They say that as soon as you have kids, the years go by quicker and quicker each year and I think that’s right. The last 5 years has been an absolute blur. I suppose its because we’re constantly occupied that time just slips away. At the moment, every Christmas and New Year feels strange because it’s not that long since we last had one!

Then again, I suppose it’s all proportional. If you’re 7, 12 months is a whopping 14% of your lifetime. When you get to the fuddy-duddy middle age, 12 months for me is now only 2.5% of my lifetime!

Embarrassing photoshoot!

Of course, one needs to keep hold of the obligatory embarrassing photograph of each child. That way it can be wheeled out on an appropriate occasion. Eg 18th birthday, 21st birthday, Wedding day etc. Something along the lines of only wearing a nappy and a tea-cosy on their head normally does the trick. Or maybe naked apart from a pair of wellingtons and a big smile