theShugrHeds Meet : An Evening With Roomie #1

In this Episode of theShugrHeds…
…We meet Roomie at the YouTube Space in London. What a great night out!

In mid-February 2017, we were invited to attend “An Evening with Roomie” @ the YouTube Space in London.
YouTube Space is an exciting New initiative from Google’s Flagship video website. It is aimed specifically at YouTube Content Creators in order to help them develop, learn and grow. The building is right next door to the St Pancras Rail Station, so it’s quite difficult to miss!
The evening was attended by approximately 100 YouTube Channel owners – a right motely crue we all were! The Live Lounge is compact and bijou and gives you a nice cosy feeling as you settle in your chair.

A perk of us being early was that we got front-row seats for the show. As the clock ticked away, Ben got increasingly excited that the concert was soon to start.
Then the main guys entered stage left and took their seats to perform. What a treat we got!

Roomie did a mix of classic hits and a yet-to-be-released track along with a few of the impersonations that have stormed the YouTube charts.

Roomie (real name Joel Berghult) the prolific singer-songwriter and YouTube creator is approaching 2 million subscribers.
Check him out and subscribe now :

Interesting Roomie facts:
Roomie had the 5th fastest growing YouTube channel in a 24 hour period during 2014.
Roomie has collaborated multiple times with the #1 subscribed YouTuber of all time, PewDiePie (
Roomie is from Stockholm, Sweden.

Joel Berghult’s YouTube hits include :
His Name Is PewDiePie
Dating a Douchebag
Long Distance Love
Muffin Time
Check him out and subscribe now :

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