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In this Episode of theShugrHeds…
…we did the Jelly Bean Taste Challenge a little while after the Beanboozled Challenge. The idea is to do a blind tasting of the beans and try to guess the flavour of the given jelly bean. Wanna play?!

What you’ll need

Jelly Bean blind-fold

Jelly Bean blind-fold

At least 2 players and 1 Judge
Jelly beans
Pencil and paper
Plastic sandwich bags
Glasses of water


The Judge should separate the jellybeans by flavour.
Select at least six plastic bags—one for each flavour you want to use in the challenge. Place one bean for each player in each bag. For example, one bag could be for mango jelly beans, another for strawberry etc.
Write down a results grid : Players name down the side, flavours across the top.


Ask the player to put on the blindfold.
Give the player a jelly bean from a random bag. Ask them to eat it and give their answer.
Record their score.
Now work your way through the results grid for each player in turn. Trying to be as random as possible for the flavours.(You can offer each player a sip of water between tastings to cleanse their palate)

jelly bean troll

The Jelly Bean Flavours

Berry Blue; Cantaloupe; Coconut; Crushed Pineapple; Green Apple; Island Punch; Kiwi; Lemon; Lemon Lime; Mango; Peach; Pina Colada; Pink Grapefruit; Strawberry Daiquiri; Tangerine; Top Banana;

Science Part

When you chew some food, your taste buds register the flavour of the food you are eating. Taste buds are sensitive to five tastes types : savoury, salty, sweet, bitter and sour.
Your nose is right above your mouth, which plays an important part in how you experience food.

Mix it up a bit

Try doing the challenge a second time with the players’ nose pinched shut!
When a player gets the answer wrong, get them to do a forfeit or combine into a variation on truth or dare. Hey…maybe even a drinking game for the grown ups! Now we’re talking!

I find it interesting that George was rather good at the game, because i’ve always had quite an acute sense of smell and taste.

jelly bean article coke

I once won a competition where we all had to differentiate between

CokeDiet CokeCherry CokePepsiDiet PepsiCherry Pepsi

Even after I explained how I arrived at my answers, everyone looked puzzled!
Coke tastes like caramel and Cherry pepsi has a more acidic fruit flavour than cherry coke….