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In this Episode of theShugrHeds…
…we do the YouTube Famous Bean Boozled Challenge. It’s a box of jelly bean candies where there are 2 flavour versions of each colour. One nice, one…not so nice!!! 🙂

This vlog was loads of fun to do! We’d seen quite a few of the Beanboozled Challenges on YouTube, so we thought we’d give it a go ourselves. Poor young Ben had a 100% failure rate (all nasty flavours) and ended up feeling so green that he actually retched!

A Beanboozled grimace

A Beanboozled grimace

To the uninitiated, the Beanboozled Challenge is a game where the players are given a particular colour of Jelly Bean eg light yellow. Now, it is supposed to be 50/50 as to whether the bean will be nice or nasty.

Using our light yellow example, the flavour could either be buttered popcorn or rotten eggs. The later really is revolting!

Here are the flavours (nice and nasty) for the Beanboozled series we used :

BeanBoozled® Toothpaste OR Berry Blue
Rotten Egg OR Buttered Popcorn
Canned Dog Food OR Chocolate Pudding
Baby Wipes OR Coconut
Booger OR Juicy Pear
Lawn Clippings OR Lime
Vomit OR Peach
Stinky Socks OR Tutti Frutti

I assume it’s only used as a game. I can’t see many people settling down on a Saturday night with a box of these on their side tale as they navigate though three hours of Strictly and X-factor! Not unless they’re masochistic. Mind you, I can’t think of anything more fitting than reality shows alongside vomit and Stinky Socks!

Getting back to the vlog, Rachel and I had to take over from Ben because he became so poorly! My least favourite flavour has to have been vomit. But then again the dog food was abhorrent too. Come to think of it the rotten eggs were foul as well. Let’s be honest, they’re ALL bloody awful!

Well actually not – I really enjoyed the toothpaste bean: nice and refreshing! I think they should release them as a flavour by themselves. Like a breath mint.

I wouldn’t go using the Vomit or Canned Dog food beans as breath mints though…it would be worrying if they improved the smell of your breath!

Beanboozled jellybeans

Beanboozled jellybeans

We really enjoyed making the vlog entry for the Beanboozled Challenge and , as you can hear, had plenty of laughs too!

One drawback is the cost of the beans. We paid around £7 for our box (which is quite a bit for 40-odd sweets). There’s also a special game edition  of the Beanboozled Challenge on Amazon which won’t give you much change from a tenner. But…It’s good clean fun for all the family and a great excuse to make another YouTube video.