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How to Safely Use Indoor Fireworks

In this Episode of theShugrHeds…
…we show you the after dinner, indoor fireworks we had recently. Great fun – and you don’t have to wait till it stops raining!

Safety First!

At what age is it OK to let your kids stay up late for New Year? I don’t know if this has ever even been an issue for you and your family, but it is for ours. A few years ago, a friend of ours was having a New Year party and children were invited. Great, that’s not a problem, or it shouldn’t have been, but it seems that ever since then the kids have struggled with their sleep. So now if there is some special event going on, we have to really consider what effect it will have on the kids’ sleep. Most of the time they miss out, I would love for them to have a treat now and again, but I know they are still young so am I worrying about nothing?

Bedtime Antics!

We don’t let them stay up much past 10pm anymore. If we did, they would still take a good couple of hours to settle down and then they can’t get up in the morning. They used to still get up at stupid o’clock, be horrible and grumpy all day and then not be able to get to sleep at bedtime. These days however, they struggle to get up if they have been to bed late, still orrible and grumpy and can’t sleep at night time. It all becomes a vicious circle so we have to make sure they get up at 7am (6am for Lottie), just for them to actually be off to sleep at a decent time.
So what is your view? Do you let your kids stay up past midnight for a special occasion? Are they really missing out if they don’t? I worry that they are so we try to make it special some other way.
This year, on New Year’s Day, we had fireworks!


Who doesn’t love fireworks? We are lucky enough to live on a hill in a valley that has the most amazing views of all the firework displays going on in the area. Usually on bonfire night, we wrap the kids up nice and warm, sit them on the bedroom window sills, windows wide open, and watch a mega panoramic display of colour. We have never had indoor fireworks though. We weren’t really sure what to expect, but I think it was more than what we actually got. I was a bit disappointed in all honesty as they all seemed to be very similar (other than some weird alien snake thing that grew out of nowhere – that one was really quite good). It was good to get the kids involved and allow them to safely light their own fireworks – something you certainly can’t do with outdoor ones.

Small Potatoes

But these were small scale, low key flashes and sparkles. The party popper type ones (bomb) were a bit hit and miss. One was quite good; exploding confetti all over the table, but the last one was hilariously pathetic. We caught it all on camera, as usual, so you have a watch and decide for yourselves what you think of them – let us know!
With regards to late nights, that is still an ongoing battle and will be for some time I fear. I am not sure just when we will be brave enough to attempt a New Year’s eve with them again…

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