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In this Episode of theShugrHeds…
…We got the random ingredient milkshake challenge! Some ingredients are disgusting, some are delicious! Aaron aka Jam Humph joins us to make a lovely mess!

My Top Ten “Mind-Blowing” TV Shows.

We Love watching shows whether it be on YouTube or a streaming service. There has been a wealth of unusually imaginative and original tv programming just lately. I must say, I am very appreciative of it. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the talent and reality competition shows, but it’s nice to have a bit of variety. I also have a particularly soft spot for the odd and surreal, which is not normally in the limelight, so I thought i’d compile this list.

First of all, we don’t watch “live” tv anymore, only streamed services. I don’t think we could get back into live tv anymore. I can’t believe how much tv watching has changed over the last twenty years or so. We subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime and Gaia TV.

First there came video recorders so that we could record things to watch later (when we weren’t so busy). But it was fiddly and you had to programme them up which confused loads of people. But once you had figured it all out, it enabled you to “Whizz” through the adverts, which was an absolute god-send! An average 1 hour programme became just over 40 minutes with the ads chopped out. This was saving me time as well! AWESOME!

?? Random Ingredient Milkshake Challenge ??

?? Random Ingredient Milkshake Challenge ??

Sky Plus

Then came the set top box digital recorder, which made it “1 button” simple. Even recording a whole series was easy by pressing a second button. However, the machine only had a certain amount of recording space. Programmes over 4 hours confused the living daylights out of it,  so recording the Wimbledon Tennis tournament crashed the system EVERY time!
Also, we always seemed to have a power outage during a 2 week holiday, which meant we would return to a lot of our favourite programmes not having recorded!

?? Random Ingredient Milkshake Challenge ??

?? Random Ingredient Milkshake Challenge ??

In the Cloud

But now, it’s just there – all the time! In the cloud waiting for us to access it. In fact, you can actually carry on watching it whilst you are on holiday if you so desired. I know, I know – you should be out enjoying your holiday, not watching TV. But let’s be honest, sometimes you get a bad weather day or just before bed for the kids to wind down etc.
We have three little beings to look after, so drinking and dancing till the wee hours isn’t an option any more. Those were the days (looks in the middle distance with a glassy stare). A bit of SpongeBob or a YouTube “Oddly Satisfying” video does wonders to get them ready for bed!

?? Random Ingredient Milkshake Challenge ??

?? Random Ingredient Milkshake Challenge ??

Anyway, here are My Top Ten “Mind-Blowing” TV Shows :

I cannot recommend this enough! It is bat-poop insane, but thoroughly enjoyable. The cast are superb and you’d be forgiven for not entirely following the plot the whole time. Just think Vampires, Angels, Demons and the supernatural in general and you’re on the right path.

I adore Bloodline. When I say mind blowing, this is more for the brain’s right hand emotional side. I don’t mind admitting that I have been in tears watching this. The protagonist is an alcoholic and a magnet for bad luck. His journey is heartbreaking and enlightening at the same time. A must watch.

The Leftovers
WOAH! I stumbled upon this completely by accident and it has now firmly cemented itself as  one of my alltime favourites (I love it when that happens). It’s a copious mix of the supernatural, post-apocalyptic life and a study of the human condition.
What makes this so awesome is that you’re never totally sure whether the current situation is actually happening or the character is just insane….

Falling Water
This one literally entered my dreams. The storyline is about a group of people who realise that they all share the same dreamworld. I won’t give anything away, but there is a ritual they do before meeting in the dreamworld and I found myself doing the same in a few of my own dreams. This made me quite confused on waking up! COOL!

American Gods
The photography in this is beautiful. I first started appreciating cinematography after watching some Stanley Kubrick films. It’s become a mild obsession ever since!
Some of the scenes look like they have been stolen from high end fragrance commercials! It’s not just a pretty face tough, the script and storyline are intelligent and thought provoking. The kind of thing that makes you still think about it the next day.

?? Random Ingredient Milkshake Challenge ??

?? Random Ingredient Milkshake Challenge ??

Hand of God
The protagonist, Judge Pernell Harris, played by the excellent Ron Perlman, has a psychotic break and starts to believe that he is being instructed by God. He is obviously harrowed by events in his life which lend themselves to the is he/isn’t he (insane) storyline. Sometimes, it’s toe-curling, you cringe for his character as he slips deeper and deeper into his mental abyss. Then he just pulls himself out like nothing has happened and onwards he trots.

Mr Robot
Again, you’re never quite sure if it’s all in his head or not. Brilliant acting, great storyline and for the first time on TV, believable technical close-up shots. My trade is IT, so it’s always irritating when the vast majority of technical close-ups are such utter BS!

It’s subtitled, which may put some off, but well worth the effort. It’s fascinating watching the story unfold. Seeing Pablo Escobar grow more rich, powerful and mad! Netflix are coming out with some modern classics, bravo!

Twin Peaks
One of the original mind-benders. In fact, I think it went a bit OTT in the end and actually became a parody of itself. Sometimes, it feels like focus groups and fans have had too much input. But, it’s still a great late night watch 🙂

Arthur C Clarke’s Mysterious World
This was the programme that first got me interested in unusual topics. As it’s from the early 80’s, it definitely looks dated now. But with titles like Strange Skies and Monster of the deep, who can resist!?
I have a soft spot for it as I remember watching it as a child. Gaia TV have bought the rights to stream this and i’m very grateful that they are trying to keep it alive.

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