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How to Open a Bottle of Ramune by theShugrHeds

In this Episode of theShugrHeds…
…we recently had a bit of trouble opening a Japanese Soda drink called Ramune. Once we’d figured it out, we decided to show you guys how!!

“Can we try sushi, Please?”

I am not a huge fan of it, but I am all for the kiddiewinkles trying something new. Our local Sainsbury’s has a Sushi Daily bar in store where you can hand pick your own fresh sushi. Daddy suggested we went there and chose some bits as a treat one Saturday. Well, I think we found George’s favourite place! We got there just as the chef began preparing a whole salmon, so we stopped to watch. It was like an art form in itself and George was mesmerized! He watched so intently, I think he could probably fillet a fish himself if I brought one home. I’m sure he would have stayed all afternoon if there was more fish to do, luckily there was just the one.

The Main Attraction

But this is not what this post is about. This is about a drink that Ben found – Ramune!
He saw it when picking out the sushi, told us everything about it and begged to try it. We were intrigued – we had never heard of it before, but our 11 year old son seemed to be an expert on it.

So what is Ramune?

Ramune is a Japanese, bottled, lemonade soda drink. There are other flavours on the market, but I am not sure how readily available they are in the UK. Ramune is no ordinary soda. The bottle has a small glass marble in the top that acts as a stopper. When released, the marble settles in the neck and releases the carbon. It is not overly carbonated; I would classify it as more ‘sparkling’ than ‘fizzy’. The flavour is very subtle and tastes more like a lemony cream soda. It is sweet, but not as sickly as our cream soda. The kids loved it! I think the novelty of the ball had a big part to play.

How to open a bottle of Ramune!

There is a technique to opening the bottle and pushing the ball inside without spraying it everywhere. Check out our YouTube channel for our ‘how to open a ramune’ video.
1) Remove the plastic wrap from the bottle top and take off the hard plastic attachment. This acts as the plunger to push the marble inside.
2) Push out the centre part from the outer ring and discard the ring.
3) Put the bottle on a hard flat surface and hold tightly with one hand.
4) Place the ‘plunger’ on top, with the smaller, protruding part sitting on the opening of the bottle.
5)Use the heal of your hand to push down firmly on the flat disc. Keep pressure on the plunger for a few seconds after the ‘pop’.

When drinking, be sure to hold the bottle so that the indentations are at the bottom. This stops the marble from rolling back up the neck again.

Ramune Conclusion

All in all, it was a nice change from the more popular sodas in the shops and fun to try. It does not appear to be available in all supermarkets, and you can only buy it in store. It is a little more expensive than it’s competitors, however, you can buy it online at Amazon much cheaper.

You should definitely try it. We now want to try some of the other flavours out there too!

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