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How To NOT do a Beauty Haul

In this Episode of theShugrHeds…
…Mom and Lottie attempt to do a beauty Haul. However, George and the cat have other ideas about what makes a good video…

How old should a girl be to wear makeup?

I know this can be quite a serious topic for the obvious reasons of child safety, and having a daughter of our own, brings it closer to home. Being the typical little girl that she is, Lottie loves playing around with makeup at any chance she gets. She loves to wear mascara and brightly coloured lipstick, but I am very conscious of her wearing too much and wearing out just for the sake of it.
We have a friend who’s daughter is 3 years older than Lottie. At the age of 5, she was bought makeup for her to ‘dress up’ in. I remember then feeling a bit shocked and concerned that this little girl was almost encouraged to wear it, and, even though it was kids makeup, it would be fairly bold and heavy. I said there and then that Lottie would not be allowed to wear makeup at such a young age.

That didn’t last long!

Nearly 2 years ago, Lottie was part of a dance recital and performed on the local stage. The dance teacher insisted that all children wore the usual blue eyeshadow, black eyeliner and bright red lipstick. Well, that sharted it! She now loves HER bright red lipstick and wants to wear it all the time. We have bought her some small bits of makeup (only because she was ‘borrowing’ mine until we did), but I try to teach her that less is more. Be natural with it and it can look lovely.
I cannot tell her the reasons why we don’t want her to be wearing a full face of makeup just yet. That the world we live in is not always safe and innocent as she is. That it makes you look older and this can get you into all sorts of trouble with men finding you attractive at a very young age. She is far too young for all that. But at what age do we tell her, and how do you go about it? We have always been very honest and open with our kids about what goes on in the world, but there is always a right and wrong time to have those talks with them.
So, for now we stick with the fact that she is only a child and beautiful enough in her own skin; that she doesn’t need to wear the mask that so many of us feel more confident in. I have, and will continue to, teach her how to apply it properly so it looks natural and discrete.

Trust me, I’m a… woman…

I am not a professional beautician but I do know quite a bit about skincare and makeup application. I have, in the past, been a makeup artist and did bridal makeovers, so I hope I know what I am talking about. Friends always ask me for help and advice with makeup and even though I am not always in full face, I do like to make the effort occasionally, and always happy to assist if I can.

“Never work with kids or animals” don’t they say?

Well, just recently I unintentionally did both! What started off as a fairly serious beauty skincare vlog, ended up being quite a farce. With me having a coughing fit, George making an impromptu appearance and dragging the cat into it (not literally I hasten to add), and Lottie throwing things at me, it ended up quite hysterical.
I was trying out some new products that I had purchased, with my glamorous assistant Lottie. She did not want to try the products, and although they would not have done her any harm, her skin is so young that she really doesn’t need to go through a skincare routine just yet. We have still posted the video as a ‘How NOT to do a beauty haul’ as it turned out to be hilarious – you should definitely take a look!



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