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Mum ShugrHeds DIY HairCut – Hair, MakeUp and Beauty Tips #1

In this Episode of theShugrHeds…
…Mum ShugrHed does a “how to” video about cutting your own hair. I think the results are quite reasonable – what do you think?


I cannot get our kids to go to sleep in the Summer (Well Spring, Autumn and Winter is a little tricky too!). All THREE of them!
I remember that Rachel wrote an article about this a few months back when we got the Princess Tent for Lottie.
Of course, it worked for a little while, but now it’s all forgotten! Last night, Lottie didn’t get to sleep until 11:15PM!


I feel rather guilty about it, because I have suffered with Insomnia all my life. I have always struggled to get off to sleep.
In my twenties I discovered that it has a lot to do with physical activity (or lack of). I have a desk job which means I sit down
all day long. We were not designed to sleep all night then sit at work all day. We were designed to be active.

Salt in the wound.

I know it shouldn’t, but it does kind of annoy me that Rachel can fall asleep almost instantly. As soon as her head touches the pillow, her breathing pattern changes, then woosh. She’s off. I’ve often thought how different my life would have been had I been able to fall asleep so easily.

Art or Science?

I think part of it is that it is more of an art than a Science. I can’t say to myself, right 10 more minutes then I want to be
unconscious. It’s not like riding a bike or playing guitar. You know that if you lose your balance or don’t hold the guitar strings down hard enough, you’re going to have a bad time. But falling asleep…how did I do it last night? What specific thing did I do that sent me off?
I mean even the language surrounding it alludes to mystery. I mean you ride a bike, you play the guitar, but you fall asleep? Fall!? One also ‘falls’ in love. Does that mean that sleep is somehow connected to emotion? In all seriousness, I do find that if I have been though a difficult emotional experience, it can prevent me from getting off to sleep easily. However, if an experience is too emotional, it can drain you so much that you’re out like a light.
It. Makes. No. Sense.

Left Brained Buffoon

Yup, I am like my work. My work is logical and very left-brained. Maybe getting to sleep needs more of a right-brained approach? There is definitely something to the lack of activity thing though. I started going to the gym as that would be my only physical outlet for the day. It make a big difference to the quality of my sleep (good). Mental activity tires me, but years of late nights and early mornings have taught me how to ignore that and carry on. After a long day of logical problem solving, I am tired, but wired!

Martial Arts

Four years ago, I took up martial arts and I love it! That really helps me with my sleep! There’s something about the movements that just feel great! It feels like I am making energy move around my body like it should be. Unblocking blockages and the like.
As most people, I suffer with “Monkey Mind”. What I mean is, I find it almost impossible to meditate or relax for sleep because sooner or later my mind is going to become absurdly active again. Calculating something essential. Like how many hours is it till I have to get up. Or are Jaffa cakes classed as biscuits or cakes.

Exercise is King!

The great thing about practicing martial art forms or working hard in the gym is that you have no time to think. You are concentrating too hard on the current activity. I have learned to embrace this and think of it as a blessing.
After all, switching off from the constant pressures of daily life, even for half an hour is worth it’s weight in gold.


In conclusion, I have worked out some things to do with falling asleep. Other things remain a total mystery to me. I wonder if its a chemical thing. Maybe my brain doesn’t produce enough Melatonin. Oh well. It’s a good reason to keep active.
Night, night.

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