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In this Episode of theShugrHeds…
…Lottie and Mom handout some beauty hints and tips to make your MakeUp really Pop!

This is Dad here writing this blog entry and I must admit, I was not looking forward to writing it! I don’t know a lot about makeup as I don’t tend to wear it…too often….

Hands up – when I was 21, my girlfriend of the time was almost obsessed with wanting to fully make me up. So one Saturday evening, when we were suitably inebriated, she took the opportunity to pounce. I think the fact that her best friend was with us created a two against one effect. I was done for.

I had a liberal foundation applied which made my skin feel like it couldn’t breathe. Then the blusher. This matched my eyes and colouring very nicely apparently. Then there was the eye-shadow. They gave me a very bright blue one so that I looked like Agnetha from ABBA. (I thought it made me look a little trashy). My girlfriend’s BFF wanted to put false eye lashes on me as well. Luckily, I persuaded them otherwise. I don’t think my lashes are long enough to get a good sticking surface.

Then the Mascara! I was told to look in one place. I thought I would be good at this bit, but alas no! I kept moving at the last minute. Having a pointy little brush put mm away from your eye is a very cringey thing. I could not stop my protective instincts kicking in. They tried their best, but I ended up looking rather a very upset drag queen.

Last of all was the lipstick. A thin covering of grease over the whole of your lips – yuk. It constantly felt like I had just eaten a fatty snack and not yet wiped my mouth. Honestly, I don’t know how you girls put up with all of this. It’s SOOOOOO unconfortable.

It was kind of worth doing just for the squeals of delight from the girls as they pulled back and looked at me from a distance to get the full effect. I did alow them to take one photo, but luckily this was still in the days before digital cameras were common. Sorry – no copy for here 🙁

Am I glad I did it – yes, so I can appreciate what it’s like. Would I do it again? Not a chance!