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In this Episode of theShugrHeds…
…Lottie and Mum go up to London to appear on a BBC TV show. It was to review some new JK Rowling books that had just come out. Here are the highlights from the programme 🙂

In September 2016, theShugrHed Kids were invited to appear on BBC2’s Victoria Derbyshire Show to review the new trio of books by JK Rowling

Pottermore Presents

Pottermore reviewed on the Victoria Derbyshire Show

Pottermore reviewed on the Victoria Derbyshire Show

Obviously, we were thrilled at the idea and accepted immediately. The boys had other activities to do that day, so it was just Lottie (from our brood) that went along. It did mean getting the first train into London, so it was off to bed for us to get a good night’s sleep.

“I’ll just get the books onto the old Kindle – I’ll be up in a minute.” I said to Rachel as she headed upstairs.

The interesting thing about this new trilogy was that it was being released in electronic form only. The books were to be made available just after midnight. Great, I thought, i’ll stay up till then. Download the books on to the kindle, then off to bed so I’m fresh for the next day.

This was just the very beginning of my night!

I found the 2nd generation kindle in a box of spare cables and chargers. Finding a charger to fit was a little more tricky, then success! After half an hour of charging, the cute little machine fired up – YAY! Bless it, it hadn’t been used in a few years, but the battery seemed ok enough to work.

A plan to end all plans

I waited until 12:15 before getting annoyed that the auto download hadn’t worked. I imagined that Amazon’s servers would be going ten to the dozen, but I thought the download should at least have started by now.

After a few choice Google searches, it was apparent that because I hadn’t switched the thing on in literally years, it had missed out on a few vital upgrade packs with much needed nourishing goodness.

Simple, switch on the WiFi and let it update?

Technical problems before arriving at the Victoria Derbyshire Show

Technical problems before arriving at the Victoria Derbyshire Show


It turns out that each update pack relies on the previous update pack to be installed first. Not only that, my machine was SO out of date that I had to install the first few packs directly via USB cable! You get the idea…

After the nth pack was successfully installed, I was finally on the latest version and the books started to Auto Download. I glanced at the clock – 3am! I have to be up at 5am to catch the train – YAY!

2 hours of sleep!

I stumbled up to bed and woke Rachel to proudly present her with the results of my toil.

“That’s very good, Mike…but I think it looks better in Colour…”

I didn’t have to say anything as my face obviously conveyed my next question.

“Before I went to sleep, I downloaded Amazons kindle App for android. Look, I just signed in and they’re all there. Like magic!”

“Oh look at that”, I said.

So the next morning, Rachel and Lottie got the first train into town and arrived at the studios with plenty of time to spare. They thoroughly enjoyed the experience for which I am very glad. Have a look at the video I put together of their highlights from the show – I think the youngsters behaved very well.

LIVE on Victoria Derbyshire Show

The Victoria Derbyshire Show

The Victoria Derbyshire Show

My first reaction when I saw Lottie curled up in her chair was “Get your wretched feet down, girl!”. But it seems to be the thing that everyone has found the most endearing!

I think the youngsters coped superbly for their debut on LIVE TV and it makes for a very watchable appearance – well done, you kids!