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Link It Card Game Review

In this Episode of theShugrHeds…
…Watch us play the Link It Card Game whilst we were travelling up to London on the train

Long journeys can be very difficult with small children. I think car journeys are worse than train because they are strapped in – end of story. At least on a train they can get up and stretch their legs. I

A few years ago, we drove down to the South of France from England. (Via the Channel Tunnel) This was before we even bought enough tablets to have one for each child – NEVER AGAIN. I think we got the dreaded “Are we nearly there yet” as soon as we got to Calais!

Once you’re in your stride it’s not too bad. I remember an old Simpsons episode where Homer pushes a switch to bring up a screen (so he can’t hear the kids). Then after he gets an ear bashing from Marge, presses another button to bring up another screen (so he can’t hear marge). I want one installed now!

The old favourite games are good for the first few hours. Each child has a colour assigned to them. They count how many vehicles are that colour and that gets them their points. It got so exciting that there was nearly fisty-cuffs!

I love stopping off at the French Break Stops as they are so much nicer than Britains. They are genuinely pleaseasnt Picnic spots. The on-site Restaurants aren’t just fast food joints, there are real meals for sale. Even the vending machine coffee is good!

When the kids get really restless, we break out the card games. A good old deck of cards can usually get you out of a tight spot. The Link-It card game we have is the matches type. So it’s associations – basketball and net, golf club and ball etc. It’s surprising how difficult it becomes under pressure.

Check out our video to see how to play it – it’s great fun! 🙂
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