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the LED Laser Disco Show

In this Episode of theShugrHeds…
…We test out a Brand new LED Laser light unit. It’s ever so cool! Watch us hit the dance floor! 🙂

“I’m comin’ up so you better get this party started!”

Ahh kids parties, you’ve gotta love ‘em!. All the food, balloons, party games, cake and entertainment. It’s great to see the kids (and adults too) get really into it and go wild.
That is, unless you are the host! Then it is pure stress. Oh the pressure! Have you invited everyone? Is there going to be someone you upset if you invite one but not another? Have you picked the best venue? Is it going to be the party of the year?? There is so much emphasis on throwing the best, most unusual party, with the best party bags and most lavish entertainment.

We do not fall prey to peer pressure.

Our kids are lucky if they even get a party! Last year, for example, Lottie and George were desperate to have a party and we had agreed – just something at home with a few friends. It didn’t go ahead though, as for one reason or another, we felt they had not behaved themselves enough, so it was cancelled.
If we do anything for their birthdays, it is usually a cinema trip, or a gathering at our house with a few friends and I bake the cake of their choosing. It can get so expensive otherwise.

Ben’s 6th birthday.

I remember throwing a party a few years ago and we went the whole hog. We hired a hall, invited all his classmates and did a buffet. When I say we invited all is classmates, I mean ALL! I fell under the illusion of “I can’t invite so and so and not invite what’s his name.” I figured it was all right as not everyone would accept, but before we knew it, we had 30 kids attending!! We had decided to do the entertainment ourselves to keep the cost down. Mike was the DJ, I was the game’s host.

I’m NEVER doing that again.

I can understand why people hire a venue that do it all for you, like a soft play area, bowling or an actual kid’s entertainer. It takes all the stress away from it and you get to actually enjoy it yourself to. Worth every penny according to those people who have done it – they would do it every time. I know it is worth it, the problem is, we just can’t afford it, so we are left with having DIY birthday parties for now.

D. I. S. C. O… D. I. S. C. O!

In a couple of months it will be Ben’s 11th birthday and he is already plotting and scheming what to do for it. He has decided (for now) to have a disco party at home with some friends.
We recently bought an excellent little gadget – a mini LED disco ball from Amazon. It is nothing much to look at and you could be forgiven for thinking it wouldn’t do very much, but how wrong you are. It’s amazing! It is only about the size of your palm and stands on a hinged base so you can place it and angle it anywhere you like. It even comes with a remote control and has a number of settings, giving different effects. Colour changes, patterns and rotation provide hours of entertainment and is surprisingly powerful – it can fill the room! The kids have already been enjoying themselves with it – check them out on our YouTube channel.
We will definitely be using it for Ben’s birthday party, I can’t wait! Move over kids, Momma’s gonna bust some moves!

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[Upgraded Version] Disco Lights Party Lights Stage lights LED – Spriak 7 Colors Dj Lighting with Sound Activated/Auto Flash Rotating RGB Lighting Ball with Remote for Birthday Parties Karaoke Wedding Bar Night Club Pub

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