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In this Episode of theShugrHeds…
…Ben will show you the second Kata that we are taught in Karate called Pinan Sandan 🙂

In my last blog entry I wrote about the video I posted to YouTube of Ben performing Pinan Nidan (the first Karate Kata taught to us at the Kaigaishii Karate School). As I mentioned last time, I took up Karate at the same school a year after Ben. My Dad had always encouraged me to take up Karate as a kid, but I never did.

The good ol’ days

In my teens, I had a few brushes with violence (as most of us do). On one Friday night after closing time, my best friend and I were escorting our girlfriends back to their Parents’ homes. The idea being that we would protect them from unsavoury characters roaming about.

Unfortunately, for all of us, a car full of young drunk gentlemen (including the driver) pulled up alongside and tried to convince us that we had insulted them (we hadn’t). Then decided that enough was enough and pulled over, got out and started to pummel my friend and me (two very tall, very strong blokes on each of us). I’m not a small guy by any means, but these guys were big!

Pinan Sandan Karate Kata

Pinan Sandan Karate Kata

Whilst this was happening, the driver took time to insult our girlfriends. He then flicked a lit cigarette at my girlfriend which went down her top and burnt her. NICE!

Anyway, Dan nearly lost a tooth and my white shirt was now almost entirely red from a bashed in nose. Luckily it didn’t break. I don’t know if the girls would have been better or worse off without us. I always like to think better.

Crimewatch style

Then there was the time I was mugged at knife-point – that was scary. A guy in front with a flick knife, and a guy to the rear with a metal chain. I gave them everything I had (a cheap ring and a cheap watch.) and luckily I was left untouched. The what-ifs are quite scary though…

A few days later, I was walking back to my flat at lunch time. As I approached my road, a man I had seen lurking in the distance appeared to notice me and then he ran towards me at full pelt.

I had no idea how to respond. My heart was pounding, legs were jelly and I was frozen to the spot. As he got to me, I braced for an attack. It didn’t even occur to me to mentally prepare a possible defence and counter-attack.

Pinan Sandan Rabbids Style

Pinan Sandan Rabbids Style

Anyway, the guy ran right past me and carried on down the street! I assume it was just unfortunate timing and a weird set of circumstances. But by now I was a bit of a nervous wreck.

Pinan Sandan – Grasshopper Training

So I had one month’s worth of private tuition from a friend who was a Black Belt in Kyokushinkai. Looking back on it, I think it was more like a therapy session than anything else! As per my request, the lessons revolved around ways I could have defeated the two assailants and the jogger if things had have turned violent. I didn’t learn very much in those four weeks. It did, however, afford me enough confidence to venture out after dark again.

I really wish that I had continued the lessons. I think it would have had a very positive influence on my life. Both in terms of confidence and physical fitness. However, retrospect is 20/20.

This is why I want my kids to learn a Martial Art. It’s not the idea to go out fighting every bad person they encounter. I just want them to be confident that they can look after themselves. I want them to know how to respond when push comes to shove.