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In this Episode of theShugrHeds…
…watch Ben demonstrate the first Kata we Learn in Wado Ryu Karate- Pinan Nidan 🙂

Ben has been studying Karate at the Kaigaishii Karate School since he was five years old. At the time of writing, that is half of his life as he is now Ten! George and Lottie started three years later. Pinan Nidan is the first Kata that the students learn. The student must memorise each Kata’s predetermined set of movements in the correct order. It teaches the student how to perform a particular block/kick/punch correctly and how to flow between each of them without losing your balance or focus.

Pinan Nidan - kaigaishii-karate-school

Pinan Nidan Syllabus

Online resources for Pinan Nidan Kata

Sensei Beth has made a very valuable online resource by recording most of the Katas for students to study at home.

I made this video of Pinan Nidan when Ben was still on his Orange belt. For the curious reader, Here is how the belt system pans out in our Karate School :

9th Kyu – White
8th Kyu – Red
7th Kyu – Yellow
6th Kyu – Orange
5th Kyu – Green
4th Kyu – Blue
3rd Kyu – Purple
2nd Kyu – Brown
1st Kyu – Brown with White stripe
1st Dan – Black

Ben, George and Lottie’s main Teacher is Sensei John who is brilliant with them. He’s very patient and uses positive reinforcement to get the results he’s after. Students who have reached the required standard are invited to attend the grading for their next belt which is at the end of each month.

Pinan Nidan Practise

Pinan Nidan Bunkai

Pinan Nidan Kata Bunkai (Using the techniques)

As you may expect, the later Kyu’s take progressively longer to learn because the syllabus content increases. By the time one gets to 1st and 2nd Kyu, there’s a pretty long list of moves to remember. Furthermore, one is expected to recite any move from any of the previous belts’ syllabus at random. Afterall – what’s the point of learning the moves if you are allowed to forget about them as soon as that grading is passed?

I took up Karate with Sensei John about a year after Ben did. I thought a bit of healthy competition would help us along. So we made a gentleman’s agreement – First person to Black Belt is the winner! So now, when Ben tells me he is too tired (or too lazy) to go to his lesson, I just smile and remind him of our agreement. Then I proceed with a bit of gentle teasing along the lines of “Sensei John says I can go for my next belt soon”. That usually gets him fired up!

The only drawback is that it works both ways. When i’m tired (or feeling lazy) after a long day at work, the last thing I need is my ten year old using my own strategy against me.

Also, It’s pointless to argue…he’ll only remember my excuses for the next time!