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What Does Google HQ London Look Like?

In this Episode of theShugrHeds…
…I was lucky enough to attend a YouTube creator’s meet up at the Google HQ offices. While I was there, I took the opportunity to film the inside of the impressive building. (It’s true about the internal slides!!)

Adulation for Google

I never seem to stop admiring Google (which I find annoying as I like to consider myself cynical.)
These days we are dominated by our Governments, banking organisations and Petro-Chemical companies to name but a few. If you read up on these nefarious, self-serving entities, it’s swiftly apparent that they don’t consider the people’s best interests important or even interesting for that matter.

20 Years of Google

Next year will see Google’s 20th year since foundation. For such a tender age, Google Inc has accomplished a great many things. Not least of all, changed our everyday language. Google is now a verb in the OED:
If I created a company that managed that, i’d be quite pleased.

Business Model

Anyway, Google’s business model is very simple.
1)Provide an outstandingly useful service for free.
2)Continue to innovate and provide software and products that enhance the way we live our lives, FOR FREE.
3)Get to know the “Customers” by their search queries and other activities.
4)Provide advertising to companies with customer data specific down to their shoe size (maybe not quite that specific. Clarks would be happy though…)

There’s something that feels almost a bit Robin Hood-esque about all of this. It’s a win-win. We get cutting edge tech for free, the advertisers get to advertise things that we are genuinely interested in.

Private Eye

But…there are some who complain that Google is prying into their private lives and knows too much about them. Again, the answer is very simple. Don’t sign up. Don’t log in. Better still, don’t use their excellent free software. If privacy is still a major concern, why not use a Virtual Private Network and the TOR Browser (Please forgive the geekery, but IT is my trade.) Having said all that, if you need that level of privacy, what on earth are you up to?!

YouTube – Their Road to Success

It’s not quite as smooth as you might expect. This article from the Wall Street Journal is from 2015, but they clearly say that YouTube is yet to make a profit.
When you consider stats like the following :
Users upload 400 hours of video each minute, or 65 years of video a day.

YouTube has over a billion users–almost a third of all people on the Internet–and every day, people watch hundreds of millions of hours of YouTube videos and generate billions of views.
YouTube overall, and even YouTube on mobile alone, reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year-olds than any cable network in the U.S.
More than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices.
YouTube has launched local versions in more than 88 countries.
You can navigate YouTube in a total of 76 different languages (covering 95% of the Internet population).

Anyways. The reason i’m prattling on about all this is that I visited Google HQ, London this March 2017. I was utterly in awe. The place is literally awesome!
I’ve always wondered what it’s like inside the buildings. Having heard all the tall tales of squash courts overlooking the atrium and play slides that connect from one work floor to another – the very idea! So when I got the chance, I filmed as much of it as I could without looking too weird (ahem)

…and do you know what?

It’s all true!

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