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Father’s Day Treat for Dad ShugrHed at Pizza Express!

In this Episode of theShugrHeds…
…we all go up to the Gloucester Road Pizza Express in Central London. We join a Pizza Making party and get absolutely covered in flour, pepperoni and other ingredients!

Well, what can I say? Last night was spectacular fun! Genuinely.

We were invited by Pizza Express to celebrate Father’s day in style with their ‘Give Dad The Gift Of Pizza’ campaign, in which any starter and a main can be purchased from £11.95 on Father’s Day weekend.

Gloucester Road

We attended Pizza Express’ beautiful new restaurant in London’s Gloucester Road, It really was lovely. I always like going to restaurants in this neck of the woods because it makes me feel like somebody Rich & Famous (I have delusions of grandeur!)

George ShugrHeds Special Tiny Pizza For His Action Man!

George ShugrHeds Special Tiny Pizza For His Action Man!

Bank Building

The Restaurant is a repurposed bank and they have made this fit with the décor. The building boasts beautiful rich tan leather upholstered seating throughout, and high quality oak parquet flooring. Also quirky prints and paintings of close up banknotes. It took me a moment to recognise where I knew the fonts from….

Near to the Natural History Museum

The Gloucester Road Pizza Express is also in close proximity to the National History Museum. Bespoke artwork features patterns and textures of bank notes, alongside images of fossils, rocks, minerals and botanicals. There are also 3D pieces throughout; including copper coins forming abstract patterns mounted onto oak blocks.

Dad ShugrHed Tests His Pizza Making Skills

Dad ShugrHed Tests His Pizza Making Skills

Excellent welcoming committee

We (the entire ShugrHed gang) arrived at the restaurant a whole hour early, but the Restaurant Manager, Alessandro, was entirely un-phased and catered to our drinking requirements whilst finishing off the prep work for the Pizza Making Party. He personally delivered our drinks order along with warm conversation and an infectious giggle!

Once more unto the breach, dear friend!

When all the guests had arrived, we all washed our hands and made our way to the pizza work stations. After a quick demonstration from Allessandro on how you should stretch the dough, we all perfectly demonstrated how pizza dough stretching shouldn’t be done!
I suppose It’s every kid’s dream to be encouraged to have fun making a mess. So it’s a good job we were at a pizza making parties for kids. Ben had flour all over his face, My creation was the same shape as a pair of Y-fronts and Rachel’s dough had been stretched so much that it was no longer recognizable! However, George and Lottie gave out the best efforts!

Lottie ShugrHeds Marvellous Creation!

Lottie ShugrHeds Marvellous Creation!

Nomadi Daddy

Our table companions were another family of vloggers called NomadiDaddy. Stephen,  Holly and their incredible cute little lad, Atlas. An unusual name, but it makes sense when you realise that Atlas’ parents have literally traveled the globe. Stephen was an Antarctic postmaster for a while, also a Mountain guide, deckhand… you get the idea! They were sparkling company, thanks for making the evening extra good fun 🙂

Pizza Toppers

Once the dough was approximately pizza shaped, they were scooped up onto baking trays. Then we spread out the tomato sauce and were given bowl after bowl of scrummy toppings. Lottie had decided before we even entered the building that she was to have tomato, cheese and olives and…
That. Is. All!
The boys decided they would copy Pops by putting hot chillis on. (As it turns out, not such a good idea, boys!) Mum opted for the much more sensible pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, toms and cheese. I think they were used to people liking pepperoni as there were two HUGE bowls near to me. Some of it even ended up on my pizza!

Ben ShugrHeds Pizza End Result - Looks Delicious!

Ben ShugrHeds Pizza End Result – Looks Delicious!

The Yum or Yeuch Pizza Challenge

All of this prep work kind of reminded me of when we did the YouTube Pizza Challenge where Lottie had Marmite and Chocolate sauce on her pizza (among other weird ingredients!!) Check it out with this link.

You CAN get the staff these days

All the while we were “creating” our pizzas, we had help from Alessandro and his two excellent waiters (Gianmaria and Allar) were charming, friendly and had a great sense of humour. We always worry about going to restaurants with our little ones, but no need here. Our kids are part of the dining experience and they were treated equally as well. This is surprisingly rare so well done!

Ben & Dad ShugrHeds Certificate of Appalling Pizza Making!

Ben & Dad ShugrHeds Certificate of Appalling Pizza Making!

Young Frankenstein

Whilst our Frankenstein creations were cooking in the oven, we kicked off the night with a glass of Prosecco and some legendary Pizza Express Dough Balls. After which, our cheese monsters arrived! They were surprisingly delicious regardless of appearance. We were even offered a round of gelato at the end of it all!

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