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Face Painting theShugrHeds.

In this Episode of theShugrHeds…
…Lottie gets her face painted to make her lookm like a Reindeer…or an upside down robin!

If you have kids, and they are anything like ours, you will know that having your face painted is a MUST! You cannot go to an event or party without there being a face painter sat in the corner. They charge a small fortune for a design that will be washed off before bedtime.

If you have more than one bundle of joy, it doesn’t leave you with much change in your pocket. I love face painting and event face painters can be really talented. But it got us thinking that maybe we could put our art skills to the test and try it out ourselves.

The first reaction we got was “Oh look, an upside down bird!!”

Luckily, the kids seem to have inherited dad’s talents, and love to play around and get creative. So getting a face painting set seemed the natural thing to do.

Face Painting Sticks- Safe, Non Toxic 12 Vibrant Colors comes in the form of giant crayon sticks and includes an instruction eBook. This gives step by step instructions on how to create 20 different designs. However, you could just go nuts like our lot and scribble shapes and patterns all over your body!

Child friendly and easy to use

However, you will still need to use small brushes for fine details and possibly sponges for larger cover areas. The paint sticks come in a hard plastic case with a clear lid, which make it easy to transport and keep tidy. Each stick has a twistable end and works much like a lipstick. Pushing up more paint is hassle free and clean to use.

The paint is high quality and glides smoothly onto the skin. You get good even coverage and it doesn’t easily smear. However, it DOES come off easily enough with a bit of soap and water.

I think we are onto a winner with these Face Paint Sticks. It is something that the kids can do together (with minimal squabbling) and be creative without us having to worry about loads of mess. RESULT!

Face Painting theShugrHeds

Face Painting theShugrHeds

We bought our set of face paints from Amazon click below to get your set.
Face Painting Sticks- Safe, Non Toxic 12 Vibrant Colors. Professional Face Paint Kit with Easy to Apply and Clean Long Lasting Twist Up sticks. 18 FREE stencils and Bonus E-book. Ideal for Halloween, Parties, Body Paint.

Click here to get a copy of the Free Illustrated eBook with step by step instructions for 20 face paint designs.

How to Use your Face Painting Crayons

To get the best results make sure that you press fairly hard when using them. The crayons are soft and smooth so will not hurt or scratch like other brands. To get the colors to look more vibrant, go over them a few times which will add to the intensity and color.

How to Care for your Face Paints

Keep away from sunlight. Store in the original packaging, clean and dry with the lid on. Use under Adult Supervision crayons require minimal adult supervision. For External use only. Do not apply on broken or inflamed skin. Wash off face and body with soap and water or wet wipes. Clean off furniture, clothes etc with wet wipes or soap and water.

Free Illustrated eBook with step by step instructions for 20 face paint designs.

Easy Face Painting Ideas – Princess, Pirate, Fairy, Skeleton, Bunny, Vampire, Easy Butterfly.
Medium Face Painting Ideas – Dog, Robot, Bat, Tiger, Rainbow Butterfly, Dinosaur, Batman.
Hard Face Painting Ideas – Army Man, Spiderman, Flowers, Witch, Werewolf, Reindeer.

In Conclusion

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves with this set of paints, would definitely recommend them to you guys 🙂
Lots of fun
Saved money by doing it ourselves
Can put on a new design whenever you want

The artist needs practise – The first reaction we got was “Oh look, an upside down bird!!”