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Disney Frozen On Ice

In this Episode of theShugrHeds…
…We go to the O2 arena in East London to watch Disney’s Frozen on Ice! What a great show. We recorded some of it so you can see too! 🙂

Disney Frozen On Ice

You can’t beat a bit of Disney! And when it’s on ice, you are in for an even bigger treat. We knew Lottie would be super excited when she was told we were going to see Disney’s Frozen on ice. The boys, on the other hand, were not quite so thrilled!

We arrived at the HUGE O2 complex and Had time to wander round and take in this world of it’s own. It really is an amazing place! A town under a dome – every possible type of restaurant you could hope for, a massive cinema complex and then the main arena! We sat down to enjoy a nice hot chocolate (it was a bitterly cold day and no warmer inside the O2 than out!). Everywhere you looked there were little mini Elsa’s and Anna’s eager to see their favourite characters brought to life before them, and sing along to their favourite track from the film.

Oh No!

When the gates were open and everyone could be let through, a wave of dread came over us; anticipating that this could take us some time. We were, however, pleasantly surprised. The staff were all very helpful, polite and efficient, and it really didn’t take long for us to pass through and find our way to our seats. Inside the arena I was awe struck by the size of the place. A massive horse shoe of tiered seating surrounded the icy stage. The buzz of excitement from all the kids and the sea of flashing lights from the souvenir toys was overwhelming. I think even the boys were starting to feel it, if truth be known, but they wouldn’t let it show – yet!


We were greeted by old favourites Mickey, Goofy and Minnie. They welcomed us to the show and introduced us to all the different princesses and their princes. Also,  much loved characters such as Buzz & Woody and Nemo & Dory were waving and singing as they glided round and round the ice in various poses. Until the main event started.
Lottie was on the edge of her seat throughout and it didn’t take long for the boys’ eyes to widen and their expressions to change to amazement.

George’s highlight was when Kristoff sped along the ice and landed a perfect back flip! “Will he do it again??” He asked – he would have to wait and see! The show was in full swing. The cast were gliding, twirling, leaping and jumping around the minimal but very impressive set (the trolls and ice monster were fantastically creative) and the audience was relaxed; enjoying the sing-along nature of the show.


All too soon, it was the interval. We sent Ben off to get some popcorn and candy floss. We knew it would be expensive, but we did not expect it be £8 for a large bag of popcorn!  The second half was equally as impressive as the first. Instantly transforming us back to Arendelle and lovingly re-telling the storyline to the best of their ability.  There were a couple of stumbles here and there, but hey you have to “let it go”! So, did George get his wish? He certainly did! Christoph impressed us all again in the finale with another flawless black flip!

In Conclusion

What an amazing production! You can watch highlights of Disney Frozen On Ice on our You Tube channel. It’s the first time we have let the kids loose with the camera! All the long train ride home, the (now very tired) kids thanked and hugged us for the “best day ever!”. That is what makes it all worthwhile – for the expressions of excitement and joy on their faces!