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In this Episode of theShugrHeds…
…We have a middle aged man who should really know much better!

We have been a fan of man vs food on the travel channel for many years. It’s a very watcheable show and the host, Adam Richman, is very charasmatic. We’ve sat and watched in awe of the challenges that he puts himself through. For the competitive eating contests, he seems to do a big weights gym workout the previous day. Along with eating very little on the day of the competition. This gives him an edge beacause by the time he is ready to start eating, he appears to have a MASSIVE appetite. This seems to be a variation on normality.

However, some competitive eaters seem to be able to dislocate their jaw and basically force the giant burrito down their throat. It’s disturbing to watch – and it must be disturbing living near that person as they digest the meal. Because it hasn’t been chewed, can you imagine the amount of gas it creates?!

Never-the-less, there are trophies and prize-monies to be had by winning these competitions. In this video I have to eat a number of chillis RAW. Then leave the hellish paste in my mouth for a number of minutes. Both of these numbers are decided by a dice.

By the end of it, I was in a reasonable amount of pain! The twins were still quite young then and little Lottie got quite spooked seeing Daddy in so much pain (poor little lady). Was it fun? Sort of! Would I do it again? Probably! Only next time, I think i’ll go to a restaurant and at least get a T-Shirt for my efforts!!