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ComicCon eXcel Centre UK

In this Episode of theShugrHeds…
…This is the day we went up to the East Side of London to See The ComicCon

This was a fantastic experience! Us lads in the ShugrHed family do like our Geek stuff! Everything from Red Dwarf to Star Wars to Star Trek. So going to the CommicCon is right up our street. I think the thing that make ComicCon even more fun is the amount of attendees who dress-up as their favourite character.

It’s called Cosplay and seems to be a vibrant industry. Some of them must have spent months making their own suits, they are awesome! Have a look at the video to see some of them.

What I really like about the set-up is that almost anything goes. If it’s a media Character, you can make a suit and turn up just like them. Video games, Films, TV, books – anything! SteamPunk is a big thing apparently. I remember it being in a few old playstation games (Jak & Daxter) also Pirates of the Carribbean. It’s an interesting mix of the old fashioned with High Technology. eg a mechanical flying device or a spyglass with all sort of buttons and knobs on it. What do they do, I wonder….

At first I was quite excited to see someone dressed up as Harley Quinn (As we had recently watched Suicide Squad). However after the 1000th Harley Quinn has sauntered past, you begin to want to see a change! Having said all that, we didn’t even get dressed up, so we probably don’t have the right to criticize!

Another great feature of these conferences is the meet and greet with the stars. There was Warwick Davis (Yay!), Anthony Daniels (c3po) and the main cast of Red Dwarf – AWESOME!

We even got to meet an actor from Game of Thrones – how cool is that?! Ben had asked if we could go outside for a moment as he was finding it all a bit overwhelming. I found a staircase to the outside and we climbed down the stairs to the riverside. After a few minutes, we started back towards the building door. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw somebody stamp out a cigarette and rush for the door before me. He kindly held the door open for us. I gave him a look of recognition, then puzzlement.
“You recognize me, but you’re not entirely sure where from – am I right?”
I laughed and agreed with him. With a few leaps, he was back up the stairs again and gone. It perplexed me for the rest of the day! It was only when I was watching GoT that i realised it was this chap here

Watch the video to see more of the ComicCon – such a cool day out!