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In this Episode of theShugrHeds…
…We try sweeties from China. We can’t understand the writing, but they still look yummy!

We like the Far East. We’ve never been, but I have a feeling that will change over the next few years. We love Oriental Martial Arts and Tai Chi. Also Chinese takeaway food. I realise that the takeaway food is nothing like the cuisine eaten in China, but it what we have here is delicious!

It seemed like a natural progression to go to the local Wing Yip Store. It’s a facinating place. It is part wholesale for restarants and stores, part specialist shop of Eastern delights. The first port of call is always the lobstor and crab tanks. The kids love the idea that they are still alive in there. They think it’s like a pet shop. (Please don’t mention these animals will get eaten!!)

Then the unusual veg and dairy products. All in heiroglyphics that make the packaging images and windows the only clue as to what’s inside. It’s like going on a holiday for an hour- glorious!

When finally we get to the sweet and snack Aisle, that’s where we stay for at least two thirds of our visit. The kids get an unhinged/excited glint in their eyes. They literally scour each shelf trying to calculate the most amount product they can get for their modest pocket money purse. After they have changed their minds for the 8th time, the store lights are switching off and Mum and Dad are about to lose the will to live.

The only reason they put their current choice on the conveyor belt is that if they don’t, they’ll leave with nothing. We finally get home with our goodies. Shall we do the video today, Mom? There’s no way you lot are filling yourselves with sugar at 8:15pm! We will do it tomorrow! Having said all this, it is great fun and they had a wonderful time. Have a look at the video to see what they thought of the different chinese Candies.