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In this Episode of theShugrHeds…
…Part One of our Trip to Wing Yip Chinese Supermarket to buy and test food and drink from the Orient!

I love my food, which is why I decided that we should do this taste test. However, as I have mentioned before, I have been overweight for most of my life. There were a few summers in my early-to-mid twenties when I slimmed right down and buffed right up. But for most of the time, I have been more of a round than a square shape!
My family and I went through a very bad time in 2011 and that has tipped me into being classed as obese. As a result, I am close to getting diabetes and I now I do have high blood pressure/cholesterol.


A vicious cycle.

Sorry, I had to stop there before the violins turned up!
What I find infuriating about life is that the more you do something, the more you are predisposed to continuing it.
For example, if you are feeling down about things, you may over-eat, drink to excess and skip your exercise. This makes you feel bad about yourself, so all you want to do is over-eat, drink to excess and skip your exercise!

Brits Try Chinese Candy from Wing Yip - Part 1

Brits Try Chinese Candy from Wing Yip – Part 1

A power cycle

However, if you eat clean and exercise regularly, it makes you feel great. Then some of the depression lifts. Which, for me, means that I don’t drink as heavily. Alcohol is a depressant, less alcohol mean more of the depression lifts.
When you exercise for more than half an hour, your body starts to release endorphins. These make you feel great!! Exercise also tires you out, so you naturally get to sleep easier (I also suffer from insomnia)

Brits Try Chinese Candy from Wing Yip - Part 1

Brits Try Chinese Candy from Wing Yip – Part 1

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change

I think the most difficult thing to achieve is breaking the momentum of the Vicious cycle. You get into a rhythm of negativity. Alcoholics refer to it a “reaching rock bottom”. I find it far easier to stick to realistic positive routine than to break a negative cycle. Having said all this, i’m no expert – i’ve been overweight most of my life, you know.

Brits Try Chinese Candy from Wing Yip - Part 1

Brits Try Chinese Candy from Wing Yip – Part 1

Ignorance saves lives?

Another thing I had to deal with after becoming obese was peoples’ attitude towards me. Some people don’t want to interact with you for long in case they “catch” the obesity disease. Some talk to you like you’re an idiot and of course, some sneer.

I remember the film “Shallow Hal” came out years ago where the protagonist, for one reason or another, cannot see other people’s short-comings. He dates Gwyneth Paltrow whom he sees as thin, but for the film she’s morbidly obese. What really sticks out in my mind is the promo interview Gwyneth gave where she spent a whole day in the same fat suit interacting with the general public.
If I remember right, she ended up in tears because of the treatment she had received. Ms Paltrow is very slim and beautiful, so you can only imagine how she normally gets treated by people.

Double Standards

The weird thing is, I am guilty of it too! I have caught myself driving down the road and seeing somebody much heavier than me on the pavement. My immediate reaction was good god, look at the size of them! I then thought, what right do I have to criticize people who won’t accept my size, when my immediate reaction to this other man was in the same kind of vein?

Brits Try Chinese Candy from Wing Yip - Part 1

Brits Try Chinese Candy from Wing Yip – Part 1

Where is the scapegoat?

Is it the media industry, which pretty much tells us what to think and how to think it, that is at fault? Is it the fashion and glamour industries that obsess over physical appearance. The huge rise in cosmetic surgeries being performed, the age-defying skin creams being relied upon and STILL we feel empty inside. Why?

Beauty is only skin deep, Shallow Hal.

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