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In this Episode of theShugrHeds…
…We get a great big package from Amazon full of US Candy. 123 #It’s the best day everrrrrr#

The first time we went to Walt Disney World Florida was in 2000. I remember this because that very number was displayed in all it’s glory over the epcot centre. This was way before the little shugrheds were even a glint in my eye!

We love going to the states. I know it’s a cliche, but everything is bigger and better there. We stayed in a villa rental with a pool. It’s amazing to think that people on an average household income of $75k could afford a spacious home with a pool.

We really like the outdoor life, so Florida is perfect for us. You can have a BBQ in your back yard. If it rains, then you have a roof you can go under. I don’t reallymind warm rain though. It’s the cold british drissle I hate. The sort of rain that feeld like it soaking into your bones – eurgh!

A little later, have a dunk in the Spa, then maybe a swim. After that, drive to Downtown Disney or Universal City Walk and have a wander round. Get a drink, have a dance, take in a show. At Epcot, they had the most amazing fireworks display at the end of every day. This is the life!

If you take a day off from Disney and go to the coasts…you have the space coast on your East. The Kennedy Space center is incredible. On the west you have Clearwater and Sarasota. Awesome towns with beautiful white beaches. then of course Miami and the Keys down south and St Augustine in the North. St Augustine is a little like New Orleans in the styling of the buildings.

You can’t go to the states without trying their amazing food. Watch this video to see how theShugrHeds got on with the American Candy.