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In this Episode of theShugrHeds…
…Ben and Dad attend the BONCA awards which were held at the London Palladium – ooooh, I could crush a grape!

I have to hand it to YouTube. They have defined an entirely new area of pop culture – The YouTube sensation. We’ve always had talent shows, but this is very different. When a video goes ‘viral’, the viewer count reaches numbers that a mainstream organisation can only dream of.

For me, the exciting thing about YouTube is that it feels genuinely democratic. Sure, there are still factors that influence a video’s popularity such as SEO, advertising and promotion. But for a video to go truly viral, it has to have struck a chord with the average viewer. Something that makes them want to say to their online friends, “Here, check this out!”. Then (if it does go viral) word spreads across the globe like the rice and the chessboard quandry.

The BONCA Awards Ceremony.

Ben and I attended the first ever British ONline Creators Awards ceremony on Tuesday 22nd November at the London Palladium. What a great night out! I hadn’t expected much (being of the fuddy duddy generation) but was pleasantly surprised at how good the stars actually are. Even the audience was friendly – Ben had a great time chatting to his neighbour. Putting the world to rights and discussing who should REALLY have won the last category!

When the “heart-throbs” arrived on stage, the screaming was truly deafening! The atmosphere was electric. I found myself craning to be able to see the young stars walking back and forth to the podium. Getting excited that i’d seen one of them, then remembering that I didn’t really know who they were! Is this how mass hysteria starts?

theShugrHeds at The BONCA Awards Ceremony

One of the post popular stars, was the winner of the BONCAGamer Award, Dan TDM. He makes ‘Let’s play’ vlogs of Minecraft (amongst others) and he does it very well. Dan recently topped 13 million subscribers (Nov 2016). As there are roughly 65 million people in the UK, this is the equivalent of having 1 UK citizen in every 5 subscribed to his channel! That means a lot of influence and power. Considering he has accomplished this from his bedroom using only a PC and a webcam, that’s pretty good going!

In October this year, he released a graphic novel called DanTDM: Trayaurus and the Enchanted Crystal. The novel features characters from his YouTube shows including: DanTDM, his dog Grim, the scientist Dr. Trayaurus, evil lab boss Denton and sidekick Fin.

Also, the excellent entertainment duo Dan and Phil. These guys swept the board with 3 nominations and 3 further wins : Collaboration of the year; Creator of the year and Film of the year. Between them, they have an extensive portfolio of YouTube accounts. Again, the subscriber counts add up to the population of a medium sized country.

Famed for their unique brand of humour, which revolves around social awkwardness *ahem* they were clearly a very popular choice for the BONCAs award ceremony. The screaming was so loud that my ears temporarily stopped working. I think we know that we have arrived when that happens!

The Winners of The BONCA Awards Ceremony

Jack and Conor Maynard hosted the BONCA awards very well. I don’t understand how these young stars just seem to take public performance in their stride. I know that if I tried, my throat would drier than a mouth full of crackers. Maybe they all take evening or online classes….
Half-way through the evening, Conor was asked to sing and, after playing coy for a few moments, belted out a few bars from his repertoire (much to the delight of the audience). He has collaborated with the likes of Melanie C, Eliza Doolittle, Emma Bunton, Katy B, Kimberley Walsh and Pixie Lott and has released an album this summer.

As we sat in the gods, I felt privileged to attend the first annual YouTube awards. Long may they celebrate the colourful new world of YouTube!